Music Services


Custom Audio Tracks

Custom Audio Tracks (Exclusive Use License) $499.99 and up


uploading to cloud

  1. Click Cloud above to send your vocal stems. (process is faster if vocal stems are rapped on tempo).
  2. Also, include song titles, artist, or names of producers that mimic the sound that you’re going for.
  3. In the message section please include any other important information.

Song Writing

Can’t finish the verse or chorus? Need a full reference vocal track? No problem. We have the best writers rite here on staff. No matter what beat you choose, will write to it. Click Contact and tell us what direction you want to go.

Mixing & Mastering

BASIC MIX & MASTER ………………………………    $100.00

uploading to cloud

Basic EQ, Compression, Noise Gating, Reverb, Delay & DeEssing using standard DAW plugins. 16 Stem limit ($2 for each additional Stem).


Sound Design

Click Contact for any music, music video, video game or movie project sounds you have in mind because has over 20 years of pro audio expertise waiting.